On this page you can find a collection of downloadable leaflets produced by The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists:

These can all be downloaded from their own website but are provided here for convenience.

  A Guide To Heel Pain (142.5 KiB, 886 hits)

  A Guide To Podiatry (270.0 KiB, 529 hits)

  Blisters (168.7 KiB, 536 hits)

  footcare for people with diabetes (930.1 KiB, 564 hits)

  Footwear - a guide for choosing the best shoes for your feet (718.1 KiB, 581 hits)

  Ingrowing toe nails (221.7 KiB, 542 hits)

  Verrucas (132.0 KiB, 605 hits)

  Working Feet, a practical guide to looking after your feet at work (1,013.6 KiB, 977 hits)