Achilles injuries can be debilitating and painful and are quite common.

Like all tendon troubles they can be both chronic and acute, they can occur due to trauma and can crop up out of the blue.

Early treatment via rest and orthotic therapy can be very beneficial. Generally the use of anti-inflammatories are to be avoided unless recommended by a medical professional.

Orthotics are especially useful for chronic and recurrent conditions.

Alternative treatment options can include the injection of sclerosing agents and in acute cases with analogous blood injections.

In cases where the Achilles tendon suffers a partial tear or a complete rupture then treatment can be via plaster casting and/or surgical repair.

Self Treatment Tips:
  • Rest
  • Stretches, particularly the calf muscles
  • Strapping and temporary heel lifts can be beneficial to offload the tendon
  • Supportive shoes, rather than walking barefoot
  • Orthotics to correct abnormal lower limb mechanics and reduce strain on the achilles tendon

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