Evidence Based Research

As part of the evolving science of biomechanics it is important to continually keep abreast of the current research and concepts. Below you will find downloads of current open access research papers (sadly a great many excellent research projects are only accessible via pay-per-read, although their summaries are often available).

A case-series study to explore the efficacy of foot
orthoses in treating first metatarsophalangeal
joint pain

  Orthotics and knee osteoarthritis (274.7 KiB, 1,791 hits)

  Aetiology and risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders in physically active conscripts (469.2 KiB, 1,809 hits)

  Age-related differences in walking stability (142.0 KiB, 3,639 hits)

  Annual consultation prevalence of regional musculoskeletal problems in primary care (150.6 KiB, 1,282 hits)

  Effects of low-dye taping on plantar pressure (652.8 KiB, 1,540 hits)

  Foot orthoses- how much customisation is necessary (162.9 KiB, 848 hits)

  High-arched runners exhibit increased leg stiffness compared to low-arched runners (123.8 KiB, 2,596 hits)

  Correction via surgery for club foot in older children (1.1 MiB, 1,968 hits)

  Idiopathic toe walking and sensory processing dysfunction (223.5 KiB, 1,072 hits)

  Interventions for treating acute and chronic Achilles tendinitis (Review) (401.8 KiB, 4,768 hits)

  Lower extremity stiffness: implications for performance and injury (277.1 KiB, 1,198 hits)

  Diagnostic imaging for chronic plantar heel pain: a systematic review (1.2 MiB, 1,325 hits)

  The Impact of Custom Semirigid Foot Orthotics on Pain and Disability for Individuals With Plantar Fasciitis (120.3 KiB, 678 hits)

  The Effect of Foot Orthoses on Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (87.4 KiB, 774 hits)

  Effects of Foot Orthoses on Quality of Life for Individuals With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (566.6 KiB, 927 hits)

  Is There Proof in theEvidence-Based Literature that Custom Orthoses Work (2.8 MiB, 1,327 hits)

  Problem feet in children (2.0 MiB, 2,214 hits)

  Distribution and correlates of plantar hyperkeratotic lesions in older people (258.3 KiB, 846 hits)

Abstracts of useful research articles:

Surgery was more effective than orthosis for hallux valgus:
Torkki M, Malmivaara A, Seitsalo S, et al. Surgery vs orthosis vs watchful waiting for hallux valgus. A randomized control trial. JAMA 2001 May 16;285:2474–80.

Useful search results from Google Scholar:

Plantar Fasciitis: Evidence-Based
Review of Diagnosis and Therapy